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  • Panama Chevas Estate Gesha "Naranja Honey" (Filter) 100g - Shake Coffee SG
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Panama Chevas Estate Gesha "Naranja Honey" (Filter) 100g

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Region : El Salto, Boquete, Panama

Process : Anaerobic Balloon Fermentation Honey Process

Varietal : Gesha

Elevation : 1650m

Tastes Like: Orange Blossom, Pineapple, Grand Marnier

Next Selection in our LEGENDARY Series, this Panama Gesha from Chevas Estate (on the other side of Panama) features an Anaerobic Balloon Fermentation, where depulped cherries, mucilage, and yeast is placed in a plastic bag and sealed, to create a "Balloon" and CO2 will build up inside the bag, enhancing all the citrus flavors in the Gesha.