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Colombia Lord Voldemort Sidra (Filter) 100g

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Region : Huila, Colombia

Process : Fully Washed

Varietal : Sidra

Elevation : 1800m - 1850m

Tastes Like: Strawberry, Melon, Dried Fruits


Situated in Pitalito, Huila, Colombia, Finca Lord Voldemort reflects the passionate Harry Potter fandom of its owner, Deiro.

With over three years dedicated to coffee processing, Deiro and his team have achieved remarkable results. In the meticulous washed process, ripe cherries are carefully selected and subjected to a 40-hour anaerobic fermentation at an average temperature of 16 degrees.

Subsequently, the coffee undergoes a 20-hour oxidation in pulping tanks, incorporating leachates from the cherries, followed by a 12-hour submersion at 39 degrees to recirculate the leachates.

Following the fermentation, a thermal shock involves washing the coffee in hot water at 65-70 degrees, followed by drying on canopies for approximately 18-24 days.

This elaborate process culminates in a delightful array of flavors in the cup, featuring notes of orange, strawberry, and earl grey. Indulge in this unique coffee experience.